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Electric golf cart batteries are available in two major voltage strengths – 36 and 48-volt golf cart batteries. The strength of your batteries is determined by the type and model of cart you have.

When shopping for electric golf carts, it is important to keep the battery voltage in mind. Each of the two alternatives has its own pros and cons. Depending on your preferences, one may be better for you than the other.

What is Voltage?

The first thing you need to understand when comparing 36 and 48-volt golf cart batteries is what voltage means. Essentially, voltage is the potential difference in charge between two points in an electric field.

That is, however, the technical definition. What you need to keep in mind when shopping for an electric golf cart is the greater the voltage, the greater the current running through the batteries.

If you are wondering whether the cart you are looking at uses 36 or 48-volt golf cart batteries, there are several ways to find out.

Among the easiest is to ask the person helping you with the purchase. You can also calculate the voltage yourself by counting the number of holes on each battery. Multiply this number by 2 to determine the voltage of a single battery. Then multiply the voltage you get by the total number of batteries in your cart to determine the voltage of the cart.

For example, if one battery has four holes, you will multiply that number by two and get 8. If your cart has six such batteries, you will multiply 4 and 6 in order to discover that your cart uses 48-volt golf cart batteries.

36-Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Carts with 36-volt golf cart batteries tend to be more affordable to purchase. Furthermore, it is easier to replace the batteries when necessary, as they are cheaper to purchase.

These batteries offer enough strength to make driving around a golf course enjoyable and usually allow carts to reach up to 12mph speed. For people looking for a faster cart, they can also be upgraded to offer more speed.

However, you should keep in mind that these batteries will always offer less power than their 48-volt alternatives. They are also less efficient, which means that you will need to recharge them more often. Furthermore, the lower power means that carts with these batteries are not appropriate for offroad usage.

48-Volt Golf Cart Batteries

48-volt batteries are perhaps the option of choice for people looking to use their golf carts for offroading activities. Carts with 48-volt batteries are also great options for people looking for something to use while hunting. This is because these batteries offer more power than 36-volt alternatives, making carts that use them a great option for using on rougher terrain.

These batteries are also more effective due to the fact that they use less amperage. This means that the charge of these batteries will last longer, and you won’t have to worry about having to make frequent pit stops in order to recharge. These carts also have a higher resale value, so you can recoup more of your investment should you ever decide to sell your cart.

However, these batteries do require a more significant investment upfront. Not only are carts with 48-volt batteries more expensive to purchase, it is also more expensive to replace the batteries themselves. If you are on a budget, 36-volt batteries are perhaps the better option for your needs.

Final Thoughts

The choice between 36-volt and 48-volt golf cart batteries is influenced heavily by your unique needs. If you are wondering which of these options is the right one for you, contact Carts & Parts at (937) 459-8891 today – we’d love to answer any questions that you might have!

A close up of electric golf cart batteries that are 48-volt batteries