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If you are the owner of an E-Z-GO golf cart, you have probably considered buying E-Z-GO golf cart accessories. However, with the multitude of options available, it can be difficult to discern which E-Z-GO golf cart accessories are must-haves and which should be a lesser priority.

To help you make a decision, let’s look at some exceptional E-Z-GO golf cart accessories to ensure you get the most out of your cart.

Side Mirrors

When it comes to E-Z-GO golf cart accessories, one of the first considerations that you should keep in mind is your own safety. Ensuring that you have a side mirror (or side mirrors) attached to your cart helps you increase the safety of your cart.

Side mirrors are easily available, and they can be attached to your cart with high-quality screws. You can also find mirrors that fold in, so your cart doesn’t take up any extra space in the golf course’s parking lot.


A golf cart cover is one accessory that will help you ensure that your cart is as protected as possible. Weather conditions can cause damage to your cart – heavy rain, storms, and hail can cause physical damage, for example, while too much sun can cause the paint on your cart to get discolored.

A golf cart cover will ensure that your cart is protected when it is parked outside. It will also protect it from getting dirty and from the activity of birds and other animals that may cause damage to your cart.


Aside from side mirrors, windscreens are also E-Z-GO golf cart accessories that can help you improve the safety offering of your cart. Installing a windscreen in your cart will help you protect yourself – particularly your face – in case any unexpected debris comes flying at your cart while it is being used.

There are various types of golf cart windscreens available in the market. Some are detachable and can be removed and re-attached as preferable, while others are attached to the actual frame of the cart. Make sure you are buying the one that is most convenient for your needs.

Rear Seats

Do you often visit the course with several friends? Most golf carts are only built to accommodate two passengers. However, if you frequently use your cart in the company of a larger group, it is possible to modify your cart to add more seats.

Rear seats and rear seat kits allow you to add space for more passengers, replacing the extra storage space that most carts have at the back. This can be convenient not only for social golfers but also for businesses that are using carts to transport clients from one location to another.

Seat Covers

Seat covers can not only make your ride more comfortable, they can also help increase the durability of your seats. They are available in a variety of different patterns, colors, and designs.

Aside from being functional, seat covers are also a good way to personalize your carts. They allow you to add a sense of personality to your cart so that the vehicle truly feels like it’s yours.

Wrapping UP

These examples are only some of the amazing accessories available for your golf cart. The other options available range from lift kits to make your cart better for off-road usage to heaters to make them more comfortable to use in the cold.

If you’re looking for E-Z-GO golf cart accessories to help you make your golf cart safer and personalize it with your preferences, contact Carts & Parts at (937) 459-8891. We are here to answer all your questions and help you in any way possible!

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