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An E-Z-GO golf cart is an excellent investment if you are looking for a fun, convenient way to travel around a golf course or a gated community.

 Ensuring you are safe while having fun driving your golf cart is an important consideration for all golf cart owners.

 There are an estimated 15,000 golf cart accidents each year. This problem is compounded by the fact that golf carts are not usually subject to other vehicles’ same legal restrictions. However, there are ways to help ensure that you are as safe as possible when zipping around on your E-Z-GO golf cart.


  • Install a Horn

Installing a horn is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way of upping the safety of your cart. Since electric carts usually make no sound when moving around, a horn can help alert people and other carts around you to your presence and help prevent accidents.


  • Experienced Drivers Only

Golf carts are much easier to drive than cars, which results in many inexperienced drivers taking a cart for a spin around a golf course or large community. Many golf cart accidents are due to inexperienced drivers, which have led to severe injury and even death. Ensuring that the person driving your E-Z-GO golf cart is an experienced driver helps reduce the likelihood of anything unfortunate happening.


  • Using Seat Belts

Unlike cars required to have seat belts by law, golf carts often do not have the same regulations. If your area does not need you to have a seat belt installed in your car, you should still do so nonetheless. Using seatbelts will help prevent the chance of injury in the case of a rollover accident in which the driver or passenger would otherwise be ejected from the cart.


Final Thoughts

These few precautions are inexpensive and effective that you can use to maneuver your E-Z-GO golf cart safely. With an eye toward safety, you can enjoy fun and stress-free drives for you and your passengers.


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Make Sure Your E-Z-GO Golf Cart is Safe