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One of the best ways to customize your golf cart is by personalizing your golf cart’s accessories. There are many options available on the market, and with careful consideration, you can genuinely make your cart one-of-a-kind.

Some popular personalization options include:

• Rear Flip Seat Kit

Are you looking to increase the number of seats on your golf cart? A rear flip seat kit allows you to not only increase the capacity of your cart; it also allows you to adjust the rear seats when needed quickly.

These kits are available in several colors and styles, and you can also add a safety grab bar to the rear seats for added security.

• Windshields

Not all golf carts come with in-built windshields. Windshields make for excellent golf cart accessories as they not only add a touch of personalization to your cart, but they are also functional and act as a safety measure that protects you from pebbles and rocks.

Windshields can be tinted or clear. You can also get foldable windshields if you would prefer to feel the air on your face occasionally. Make sure to get a high impact windshield, as these are less likely to crack when struck with stones and other debris.

• Wheels and Tires

Most golf carts come with generic 8-inch wheels and basic tires. However, you can customize these with 10, 12, or 14-inch wheels.

10 and 12-inch wheels can be installed on most golf carts without the need for any modifications. However, 14-inch wheels are generally only installed if you are also looking to install all-terrain tires, and will require your cart to be modified a little to avoid damage to the wheels.

• Mirrors

Carts do not usually come with side or rearview mirrors. Due to this, mirrors are a popular golf cart accessory. Mirrors help increase visibility for drivers, which is beneficial when you are driving your cart.

You can install side and rearview mirrors on golf carts. While these are available in cars’ typical style, you can also find panel or wink style mirrors for your cart that will provide you with a broader, panoramic view.

Final Thoughts

We can add all the accessories you want! Brush guard, custom upholstery for your seats and rear cupholders, custom steering wheel, and our large selection of wheels.

You want it; we have it!

Please stop in or call us at 937-459-8891 for all your golf cart needs. We offer great financing, as well.

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