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One of the biggest concerns golf cart owners have when it comes to their golf cart motors is the top speed. While your golf cart will never be a race car, there’s a good chance that after a regular car, you just wish your cart would go a little faster.

If you feel like that describes you to a tee, you don’t need to worry. If you have an electric golf cart, there are a few ways you can modify your golf cart motor so that your cart goes faster. Some methods to try include:

Use A Better Battery

Before making structural modifications to the motor, one of the simplest methods you can try is using a better-performing battery.

The first thing you need to do is check the voltage of your current battery. This will likely be printed on the battery itself and is easy to check for. Once you know this, check your cart’s manual to discover what the max battery voltage your cart will accept safely is.

If possible, replace your batteries with higher voltage ones. If your current batteries are already as high as your cart will accept, consider replacing them with better, higher quality ones. While these may be more expensive, they can also provide you with more speed.

Increase Torque

Torque refers to the amount of force that acts on an object which results in it rotating around an axis. For a cart to move forward it has to move with the power of this force. Torque basically allows a cart to turn at a faster rate and in turn provides more speed and helps the cart to get around bends easier.

Torque for golf carts is measured in horsepower (HP). One horsepower equals the force of one kick/motion multiplied by the distance the cart moves per revolution of the axle. The higher the HP of the cart, the greater the torque it can exert without decelerating.

The more torque – that is, the higher the pulling capacity of your golf cart motor – the faster your cart. There are several ways you can increase the torque of your cart.

This includes upgrading the voltage of your golf cart motor. You can also install a high RPM motor instead.

Upgrade the Motor

You can also consider upgrading your golf cart motor. You can find a variety of specialized motors available on the market, depending on what you need from them.

This includes motors that have been optimized to provide increased torque, as well as motors that are specialized in providing better speed. Consider your demands from your motor carefully, and upgrade the make and model if necessary.

Install Larger Tires

If you don’t want to touch your golf cart motor or are looking for a way to increase the speed of your gas golf cart, one easy method you can try is installing larger tires on your cart.

Standard golf cart tires are approximately 8 inches in diameter. However, the larger the diameter, the faster your golf cart. You can increase the size of your tires to up to 24 inches if you want. With bigger tires, you can increase the speed of your cart by 2 to 4 meters per hour without making any expensive modifications to your motor or speed controller. Furthermore, replacing tires is one of the quickest ways to increase the speed of your cart.

Final Thoughts

If your cart has already been optimized for speed, you should make sure that it is kept as clean as possible. This means cleaning your tires for mud build-up, which can otherwise slow your cart down. Also, make sure that your cart is as light as possible and is not cluttered up with unnecessary things. After all, the lighter your cart, the faster.

If you have made these changes and are still looking to make modifications to your cart and your golf cart motor in order to increase the speed, contact Carts & Parts at (937) 459-8891 today. We can help guide you on the steps you can take and the modifications you can make and answer any questions that you might have.  


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