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As a first-time golf cart buyer, one of the most important things to understand about your new cart is what to look for when purchasing golf cart tires. 

Your tires will play an essential role in ensuring your safety when you ride in your cart. Ensuring you have the right tires is vital for an enjoyable and safe ride.

Tire Size

Most golf cart tires are standardized at 18″ tall and 8″ wide. However, if you are buying a custom cart, you may want tires of a slightly different style depending on your cart’s lift. Tires can vary from 17″ to 20″ in height.

Tire Types

Another important consideration is to choose a tire that matches your needs. The type you select will depend on your driving style and what terrain you will primarily be driving.

•          Turf and Street

Turf and street tires are designed to be used on a golf course which are suitable for paved roads and soft turf. They are typically the factory standard tires that come with along with your golf cart.

•          Off-Road

Off-road golf carts tires are for you if you plan to use your cart on off-road trails or explore large properties and wooded areas. These tires have a thicker and deeper tread compared to turf and street tires and provide your cart with extra traction and grip to use it to drive over mud, sand, and rocks.

•          All-Terrain

If you plan on using your cart on various terrains, all-terrain tires offer you the most versatility. They are designed with a smoother, shallow tread that makes them suitable for soft turf and roads but still provides enough traction to make them usable on off-road trails. However, because they are not as heavy-duty as off-road tires, you should only use all-terrain tires for lighter off-trail driving.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tires for your golf cart can make a huge difference to your cart’s utility and make driving a more enjoyable experience. Come on in and see our massive collection. We are located at 1035 N. Columbia St., Union City, IN. You can also reach us at (937) 459-8891.

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