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Among the most popular golf cart accessories available on the market today is to have a lifted golf cart. These kits essentially raise the height of your cart, allowing you to add larger tires to the cart.

A lifted golf cart has several advantages over regular carts, ranging from added strength and clearance to an increased level of attractiveness. However, these carts are not appropriate for every cart owner.

If you’re considering modifying your cart into a lifted golf cart, you should first consider both the advantages and disadvantages.


• Increased Clearance

By making your cart taller, you essentially add clearance to the underside of the cart. This is particularly an advantage if you use your cart for off-roading purposes. This is because with a lifted golf cart, you don’t need to worry about rocks, trees, stumps, and other similar obstacles damaging your cart as your drive over them.

• Higher Speed

A lifted golf car usually means larger tires. These tires tend to offer a higher level of speed than regular tires do.

• More Power

Many people have started to use their golf carts in order to transport heavy items across distances that could not be covered by walking with the item. Some larger campuses also use golf carts in order to transport people over distances, particularly those who have trouble walking. A regular golf cart is designed for light use on a golf course. If your cart faces more heavy demands, a lifted golf cart provides you with more power and reduces the risk of damage to the cart.

However, there are also some disadvantages to using lift kits.


• Safety

If you are using your cart in order to transport young children or older adults, you may need to consider whether the added value of lift kit is enough. This is because, by using these kits, you add height to the cart. This may result in safety concerns, depending on the age of your child or whether you are using the cart to transport a person that may find it difficult to dismount from the additional height.

• Turning

Lift kits not only add height, they also add weight. This means that the cart may be at a risk of tipping when it is going fast, particularly if you are turning corners at a high speed. Make sure to be careful when driving a cart fitted with a lift kit, particularly when going around corners.

• Wear and Tear Issues

Golf carts are built for standard tires. This means that adding lifted tires will inevitably require your cart to work harder. This, in turn, puts additional pressure on the motor and the engine.

This concern is increased if you plan to use your cart in order to pull trailers or lug heavy items, as the motor and batteries are the originals, and they are not always built for this purpose. Thus, you may find that if you are using a lift kit, you will likely need to perform maintenance more often than usual.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve made a decision on whether or not a lifted golf cart is right for your needs, the next step is choosing the right lift kit for your requirements. There are several options available, including a spindle lift kit, a drop axle lift kit, a long travel lift kit, and more.

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