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If you’re like most golf cart owners, you probably want to know how to make your golf cart faster. The more increased speed, the better!

But many are unsure how to make their golf carts increase to top speed.

There are many ways to boost speed, and we’re going to show you how.

First, we’ll look at the different parts of your cart that can help improve speed.

Second, we discuss other factors that can affect your cart’s speed.

And finally, we show you some examples of what our customers have done to get their carts faster.

So let’s get started:

Part 1: How to Make Your Golf Cart Faster

Your Cart’s Parts and Speed

1) Battery

A weak battery voltage is a common reason for a slow golf cart.

As a general rule, older batteries have less charge and power than younger batteries, so be sure to check the age of your battery before you take any steps to speed up your cart.

The first step is for us to test your battery bank right here at Carts & Parts.

We can give you the most accurate information about your batteries using our golf cart battery discharge tester. 

This golf cart battery discharge tester determines the performance of your batteries by measuring how you can use much power on a single charge. Knowing the level of performance helps determine if your batteries need to be replaced.

Trojan batteries are our #1 choice for golf cart batteries.

A golf battery made by Trojan

We are proud to be a distributor for them.

2) Motor

Electric golf carts have two types of speed motors: AC and DC.

The difference between these motors is that AC (Alternating Current) has a higher RPM rate than DC (Direct Current) motors.

A higher RPM means more torque and greater speed.

Most AC motors are 1800 RPMs, compared to DC torque motors at 600 RPMs.

The higher RPM or turns per minute your golf cart motor can produce, your golf cart will be faster.

If you don’t have an AC golf cart electric motor, you may want to buy a conversion kit to ensure you can make your golf cart faster.

Tip: EZGO, our premier golf cart line, uses AC motors with speeds up to 25 mph.

3) Wheels

This is where things get interesting…

As with any vehicle, golf carts can have different tire widths and heights.

All things being equal, wider tires will give you better traction on rougher surfaces.

So if your course is very bumpy or has a lot of hills, consider buying larger tires for improved performance.

Another good option is to switch from regular tires to bigger golf cart tires, like turf tires. For golf carts, this can increase speed by up to 20%.

Turf tires are specifically designed for use on soft surfaces like grass and dirt.

How to make your golf cart faster with bigger wheels like this one showed close up on a red golf cart.

You must pay attention to the tire width because your golf cart won’t provide enough traction to gain top speed if they are too narrow.

Also, take a look at your golf cart’s wheels’ diameter.

A standard golf cart wheel has a diameter of 15 inches. But 15″ isn’t necessarily the best size for maximum speed.

Larger wheels have been known to outperform smaller wheels when going up hills.

4) Steering

The central part of the steering mechanism is the rack and pinion system.

The rack and pinion system can affect golf cart speed if you have a loose or worn-out steering arm.

Also, if there’s not enough lubrication in the gears, friction occurs, making it more difficult for the wheels to turn, which slows down your golf cart.

5) Transmission

Transmission is another critical factor in speeding up your golf cart.

There are two types of transmissions: manual and automatic.

A manual transmission costs less than an automatic transmission, but it can’t shift as fast as an automatic one.

However, an automatic transmission can quickly go from a stop to full speed that requires more power, sapping your battery strength faster.

6) Speed Controller

The electronic speed controller is essentially the gearbox of your golf cart; it sends power from your battery to your motor based on commands you give it through the accelerator pedal.

An outdated speed controller can cause problems with speed because it can’t send voltage to the motor quickly.

For example, if your cart’s rpm is low and you try to accelerate but don’t get enough power from the speed controller, this will cause the golf cart to slow down.

You can solve this problem on older golf carts by installing a new speed controller with better performance.

7) Muffler

If your golf cart sputters on acceleration, causing you to lose speed, it may be caused by a plugged muffler.

When a muffler is obstructed, your engine cannot release exhaust fumes as quickly, slowing you down.

It would be best to have your golf cart looked at as soon as possible because a plugger muffler can cause your cart to overheat, which can cause severe damage.

8) Gear ratio

If you want to go faster, you may want to use a lower gear ratio in your cart’s transmission.

A higher gear allows golf carts to speed quickly, but it doesn’t allow for fine-tuning or improved control when cornering.

Consider using a higher ratio if you are willing to sacrifice fast acceleration for better handling and easier turning at high speeds.

But if you’re after maximum golf carts speed with minimal effort, stick with low gearing.

9) Fuel system

Your gas golf cart’s fuel system includes fuel lines and filters that supply gas to your motor.

Rusted or leaking fuel lines are bad news because it means more gas escapes into the air instead of flowing through the carburetor.

This causes your cart’s engine to run lean, resulting in reduced fuel economy and lower speed control.

It can also lead to serious damage if it goes on long enough.

A dirty air filter will cause your motor to work harder than usual when drawing air into the combustion chamber because it restricts airflow.

In addition, wear and tear reduce the power, which in turn reduces speed control.

10) Accelerator 

A worn-out accelerator pedal could be another reason for slow speeds on your golf cart.

When you press on the accelerator, it attaches to a rod that sends voltage to the speed controller so that power can reach your car’s motor faster.

Over time this piece gets loose and needs to be tightened because it fails to send voltage quickly enough.

When the accelerator is in this condition, you may hear your engine revving loudly but not be going anywhere.

11) Tire tread

Your tire treads are another factor that can affect golf cart speed.

For example, low tire tread makes the golf cart harder to steer, while high tire tread would make it easier to turn at higher speeds.

Having a tire with a lower tread may also increase the chances of your tires popping due to overinflation or loose wheel bolts.

If you have less than 1/8″ of tread left on your tires, we recommend replacing them before trying other speed remedies.

Part 2: Factors that Affect Your Cart’s Speed

1) Dirty engine

An unkempt engine is not as efficient as a clean one and might slow you down by causing your golf cart to use more fuel.

A dirty engine can also make it harder for the engine to turn, which can reduce speed.

2) Heavy load

Carrying heavy loads in your golf cart causes the engine to work harder, which can slow you down.

This is why you should never carry passengers or cargo unless your golf cart was designed for it.

3) Under or over-inflated tires

Inflate your golf cart tires to the maximum PSI (pounds per square inch) to maximize your speed.

This is especially important if you have a heavy load because it will reduce tire slippage.

Overinflation can cause excessive wear to the inside of your tires, which leads to more friction and less speed.

On the other hand, under-inflated tires lose some of their ability to grip the road.

When your tires are properly inflated, they deliver better acceleration and stopping power, making for a faster ride.

4) Type of golf cart

The type of golf cart also determines speed.

For example, an electric golf cart is generally faster than a gasoline-powered one.

Electric golf carts have a good deal of torque, making them accelerate quickly and reach high speeds more easily.

However, gas golf carts can travel longer than electric golf carts.

5) Last tune-up

The last factor that affects the speed of your golf cart is the length of time since the last tune-up.

Regular maintenance ensures components operate as efficiently as possible so that no energy is wasted in unnecessary friction.

The engine needs to be tuned up regularly to make sure it’s running at its best.

When a motor is out of tune, you’ll notice a drop in your golf cart speed and performance.

6) Rough terrain

The surface you drive on will also affect how fast your golf cart is.

Rough and hilly terrain increases friction, which makes your golf cart work harder to move.

Gravel roads are challenging to drive on because the surface has many tiny pieces that can get lodged between tires and cause damage.

Your best bet is to avoid driving on gravel whenever possible or choose an electric golf cart that’s designed for off-roading.

How to make your golf cart faster with road driving example of two people in white golf cart on busy road.

Part 3: Customer Examples

1) 4th of July parade

Jerry was frustrated.

He and his family had spent a lot of time and work decorating their electric golf cart for the neighborhood’s 4th of July parade.

The trouble, though, is how all the other golf carts passed them by.

It wasn’t enjoyable.

He tried going faster, but it was no use.

He searched the internet for ways to increase his golf cart’s speed, but nothing seemed to help.

Finally, he took the cart to Carts and Parts after finding them online.

When the service department looked at the golf cart’s speed controller, they discovered an accelerator cable had come loose from the throttle linkage.

It was still connected the other end to the accelerator pedal, but it caused the opposite effect because there was so much slack in the cable.

As a result, Jerry revved his engine loudly whenever he pushed on the gas pedal but didn’t go anywhere until he rereleased it.

Jerry was thankful for a quick fix and was looking forward to the next neighborhood parade, where he would be the one passing others on the road.

2) Stuck in the mud

Cheryl was driving her golf cart one morning when she got stuck in a ditch.

She tried everything, but it just wasn’t moving.

A tow truck brought the cart to Carts and Parts, where they got right to work on repairing Cheryl’s cart.

When the service department inspected the cart, they discovered that both rear tires were under-inflated by 12 pounds.

That meant more tire slippage every time she tried to go through the muddy area or up a hill, so Cheryl’s cart couldn’t get enough traction.

Now that her tires are correctly inflated, her golf cart can easily navigate muddier terrain without getting stuck again.

3) Out with the old, in with the new

Sara’s old cart served its purpose, but it could only go about 15 miles per hour.

It also had a lot of mileage, so Sara began looking for something new that might help her get around better with a higher speed.

Sara shopped online at different websites to compare prices when she found Carts and Parts that specializes in high-performance electric golf carts.

She found several faster models with lots of other features like iPhone speakers and cup holders.

Sara checked our financing options and decided to buy a new model. She also added speed accessories, such as upgraded tires, an accelerator shifter, and a rear-mounted spoiler.

Final Thoughts

You can only achieve maximum performance with a fully functional golf cart.

If you’re looking to add speed, we have what it takes at Carts & Parts.

We commit to providing you with options from top manufacturers, including EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha.

We not only provide quality parts at affordable prices, but we focus on exceptional customer service as our reviews show.

Come on in and see for yourself. We are located at 1035 N Columbia St, Union City, IN. You can reach us at (937) 459-8891.

Do you want your golf cart to be faster? Or have you already made changes for more pedal power? Let us know in the comments below.