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One of the most popular names in golf accessories is the Bag Boy golf cart. Technically speaking, Bag Boy doesn’t offer customers traditional, driveable golf carts. Instead, its range of carts is made up mainly of pushcarts. In fact, for golf push cart enthusiasts, a Bag Boy golf cart is perhaps among the most reliable options.

Advantages of Push Carts

There are several reasons that people opt for bag boy golf carts over traditional, driveable golf carts. Chief among these is, of course, the additional exercise that you get by using a push cart.

However, for the longest time, if you wanted to walk about the course, it was far more popular to carry your bag rather than use a push cart. Attitudes towards this tradition have changed for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the growing popularity of brands such as the Bag Boy golf cart.

Another thing that has helped is new scientific research. Studies indicate that using a push cart burns nearly the same number of calories as carrying your bag – there is only a difference of 3 calories across nine holes of travel. Furthermore, carrying your back may also increase the likelihood of developing should, back, and ankle injuries – not to mention it is far less comfortable than using a push cart.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Bag Boy Golf Cart

If you are looking to buy a Bag Boy golf cart or other push carts, there are some factors that you should keep in mind. These include

How to Store Your Cart

An effective push cart should easy to store. It should be able to fold flat and be made compact when putting away. This is particularly important if you live in a smaller home with less storage space or are storing your cart in your golf club.


Your push cart should be comfortable when using. In order to be comfortable, the handle should be well-padded, and the height should be adjustable. This will ensure that no matter who is using the cart, they can do so without an issue.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you use the cart, your arms should be parallel to the ground and should not be pressed up or down. This will prevent strain on your arms and ensure you can use your cart across the course without getting tired.


Push carts are available as either three-wheelers or four-wheelers. Four-wheeler push carts are usually more stable and tend to be the preferred option. Regardless of which cart you buy, however, ensure that you find it easy to use the brakes.


Many push carts also come with additional amenities, such as a storage space for your golf balls, mobile phone, car keys, and scorecard. Depending on the model, you may also have holding space for additional accessories such as an umbrella and GPS devices.

It is essential that you check the amenities that each model offers and buy only the one that meets your needs.

Final Thoughts

Aside from a Bag Boy golf cart, another convenient way to get around the golf course is to use a regular golf cart. This is the preferred option for people with mobility issues who cannot use a push cart to get around.

If you are in the market for a traditional golf cart, contact Carts & Parts at (937) 459-8891 today – we’d love to help you in anyway possible!