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You may not think you would ever need a golf cart trailer, but consider this situation. You own a golf cart, and are traveling to another state for a few months, or are moving to another state permanently. In such a situation, you likely want to take your cart with you, which will be less expensive than having to buy a new one.

If you feel like this is a situation that may arise in your life, you should consider investing in a golf cart trailer. While it may be possible to drive your cart between golf courses that are close to each other, a golf cart trailer will come in handy when you’re visiting a course that is quite a distance away from your home course or requires you to drive across roads that don’t allow golf carts to make use of them.

Golf Cart Trailer Size

One of the most important parts of buying a golf cart trailer is choosing one that is the right size. You will, of course, have to check that the trailer you are buying can fit your cart.

However, a good rule of thumb to follow is that if you have a standard-sized cart, you will need a 5×10 trailer. A smaller cart will be able to fit a 5×8 trailer.

Keep in mind that the size of the trailer has some effect on the price. For example, smaller trailers use lesser fuel, making them a cheaper solution. The greater the weight of the trailer, the lesser the fuel efficiency it offers. In general, a trailer can weigh anywhere between 650 and 1600 pounds, depending on the make and model.


A golf cart trailer will come with a safety rating. Make sure that the trailer you are investing in has a good safety rating. Furthermore, ensure that it has a ramp at the back or that the back hatch can be used as a ramp. This will make loading and unloading your cart from the trailer easier.

Other safety precautions that you should invest in in order to protect your trailer include safety chains and tail light wiring harnesses. Before you drive your trailer on a busy road, you should also make sure that the signals and brake lights are working correctly.

Smaller Options

You can find smaller options when it comes to golf cart trailers. In fact, your cart may even be able to fit on a 4×6 trailer, though you will likely find that it is difficult to maneuver such a small trailer on the roads.

For best results, it is recommended that you do not try using a trailer smaller than 4×8 for your cart. Even in a trailer of this size, the driver and loader should be experts to ensure that your cart is not damaged.

Other Considerations

One other important consideration to keep in mind is the trailer capacity. Each golf cart trailer will come with a Trailer Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, which is the amount of weight the trailer can carry. Make sure you do not overload your trailer, or you risk damaging it.

Final Thoughts

There are several golf cart trailer manufacturers that you can buy from. These include cart manufacturers E-Z-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha, among others like Honda.

Deciding on not only the right manufacturer but also the right model can be a challenge, especially if you are a first-time trailer user. If you find yourself confused, feel free to contact Carts & Parts at (937) 459-8891. We’d love to answer any questions that you might have!

Golf cart being transported by trailer