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While traditional golf carts remain a popular choice for golfers, using a golf push cart is quickly becoming more common. These manual carts not only have storage space for your golf bag, but they also have additional features like hand brakes that will allow you to use these carts on rougher terrain without worrying about the stability and safety of the cart.

There are several reasons that the use of a golf push cart is becoming more common:

• Exercise

With the stress that doctors place on exercise for people of all ages, walking around the golf course can give you a chance to gain your daily dose of exercise without it feeling like too much work.

Per Harvard’s Dr. William Kormos, walking around an 18-hole golf course can allow you to burn up to 1000 calories, and golf push carts provide the chance to stretch your legs in a way that traditional carts do not.

• Ease of Travel

Walking with a golf push cart is far easier on the body than carrying your clubs across the course. Carrying your clubs manually creates stress on your back and legs, while using a golf push cart involves focusing on walking and enjoying your game.

• Storage Space

Golf push carts offer a lot of storage space. There is not only space where you can store your clubs, but they also provide storage for your personal items with designated areas for your cellphone, water bottle, and other things.

• Enjoyment

Traditional carts allow you to travel from one point to another, but all your attention is focused on driving. On the other hand, a golf push cart will enable you to appreciate the beauty of the course in a way that you might not have thought was possible.

Final Thoughts

Golf push carts are available in both manual and electric varieties. Electric carts allow you to set the cart’s rolling speed and be easier to use because they don’t require you to exert any energy to move the cart around.

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